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Dear Georgia FC members,


Hello all, and thank you for another season of soccer here at Bethesda Park.  We appreciate your participation and thank you in advance for helping to make our soccer club a wonderful place for your player to have fun while learning the beautiful game. 

As you might have already noticed, Georgia FC is currently undergoing a re-branding effort.  The Board of Directors have been diligently working on this transition for quite some time and are now prepared to unveil the new logo and club name.  Going forward as of May 30th 2017 Georgia FC will be known as Steamers FC.  Many long time soccer enthusiasts from this area will recognize the name and logo as it has significant soccer history within this community.  However, we realize many of you might not be aware of the significance and prowess that comes with being Steamers FC.

In the mid 80’s, Steamers FC was the flagship soccer club in the southeast.  At that time, Steamers FC only consisted of a few top level teams for girls and boys.  The original teams at Steamers FC were created by an “invite only” try out style with players traveling from all over the state and border-states to tryout.  There was no recreational side to the club until the state of Georgia mandated that all soccer clubs in the state have a recreational program to go with its select program.  And that’s where the creation of the Brookwood Steamers came from.  Steamers FC has also enjoyed a storied history in representing the State of Georgia in the quest to be national champions.  There has also been countless Steamers who have played professional soccer or who have participated with the United States Men’s National Team.  As an example, Josh Wolff was a 2 time World Cup player for the USMNT and was a member of the 77’ Steamers.  His iconic moment occurred in the 2002 World Cup qualifier against Mexico, where he became the unlikely hero in the “Dos a Cero” history.  He is currently still coaching in the MLS for the Columbus Crew and has deep roots here in Georgia. 

As you can imagine, we are extremely excited to resurrect the Steamer FC brand and are looking forward to a renewed success at our club.  The Board of Directors have a clear vision for the future of the club and it is our hope that each and every member will help bring the club back to its former glory.  Thank you for your time, and we look forward to offering new and exciting programs for our community and players.  Go Steamers FC! 

Steamers FC Mission & Vision

The mission of the Steamers FC is to develop great people through soccer and enhance the communities in which we operate. The vision of Steamers FC is to teach our young players how to play soccer both technically and tactically, in a safe and constructive environment.   

Steamers FC Philosophy

Steamers FC is a not-for-profit organization and enjoys a 501 (c)(3) designation under the IRS Not-For Profit structure. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the committed soccer player by providing the highest level of instruction available thereby preparing him or her to be a proud representative of the Club at local, state and regional competitions. Steamers FC strives to produce confident players who have not only reached their full athletic potential but are also prepared to become active and productive members of their community. Steamers FC was established for the specific purpose of developing a technically and tactically sound soccer player. However, the realization of this goal must be accomplished within the proper framework by instilling character, self-esteem, confidence, and sportsmanship within the youth athlete. Achievement of these lofty and worthwhile objectives within the appropriate environment can only be reached through the mature behavior and the exemplary conduct of the coaches, parents, and officials of the Club. Their relationship with the players must be of the highest ethical and moral standards and be based upon concerned and just principles that ensure equitable treatment prevailing in all circumstances. An aggressive desire for victory combined with the procedural and graduated development of soccer skills through exceptional coaching and advanced training techniques is of paramount importance. Nevertheless, realization by all that soccer remains only a game is an inherent aspect of the philosophy of the Club that must always be recognized. Steamers FC and our coaching staff strive to attract players and parents with these common interests:creating an environment in which players can reach their full potential and achieve the self-confidence and positive self-esteem necessary to be successful both on and off the soccer field.  developing individual skills, and team tactics to enable players and/or teams to compete at the state, regional, and national level.preparing and assisting college bound players in obtaining playing opportunities and scholarships.promoting the game of soccer

Steamers FC Expectations

What Steamers FC expects of you...
  • A personal commitment to become the very best soccer player you can be, given your ability. This commitment includes giving your top efforts in all team events such as training sessions, games and tournaments.
  • A personal commitment to the Club and your Team as a top  priority in athletic endeavors.
  • A personal commitment to achieve academic success in the classroom to the best of your abilities.
  • A personal commitment to represent yourself in a professional manner at all times.

What you can expect as a member of Georgia FC...
  • An opportunity to participate in a professional soccer environment in one of the premier soccer clubs in the state. 
  • A commitment to provide the best opportunities for our players to advance to the next level (ODP, Region, National, collegiate or professional).
  • Consistent, organized, and purposeful instruction and training by Georgia FC coaches during the course of the season.
  • A dedicated coaching staff who will conduct and coordinate all training sessions, games and tournaments.
While we emphasize the importance of winning soccer games, from a coaching stand point, long term player development comes first. It’s a difficult, tedious approach, filled with highs and lows, but the results are worthwhile.
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